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What is the Baden-Württemberg Institute for Sustainable Mobility?

The „Baden-Württemberg Institute for Sustainable Mobility“ (BWIM) is an institution for applied research and the transfer of academic and technical knowledge. Combining the competencies of universities from within Baden-Württemberg, including advanced training, applied research, knowledge transfer, and political consulting, the institute has a decentralized and interdisciplinary position in the mobility sector with focus on sustainability.

Establishing a connection between universities in Baden-Württemberg and pooling their unique competencies to support sustainable development is one of our principles. We are a nexus of interdisciplinary knowledge and research, seeking and investigating the most pressing questions in the sustainable mobility domain. Our activities encompass every aspect of sustainable mobility across economy, society, and politics.

We connect different stakeholders from economics, administration, and politics to create positive and diverse examples of sustainable mobility initiatives in urban and rural areas.

BWIM bridges the gap between science, economy, society, and politics with knowledge, public mediation, and research in Baden-Württemberg and beyond.

Focus on Sustainability

We focus on climate-friendly transportation with interdisciplinary actors.

Develop Innovations

We develop innovations for green mobility and integrate its economic, ecological, and social aspects.


We connect and cluster local experts in Baden-Württemberg.

Attract Attention

We use transparent, widely-applicable, and interdisciplinary approaches to make our results available to media and the public.

Extend Education

We expand education opportunities for students in the field of sustainable mobility.

Transfer Knowledge

We facilitate user-friendly knowledge transfer from research and educate professions in administration and planning.

Our Board of Directors

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hupfer

Board Spokesperson

Expertise: Transportation Planning, Transportation Technology, Transportation System Management

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Markus Stöckner

Board Member

Expertise: Transportation Facilities, Infrastructure Management and Logistics

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